Frustrated That Your Eczema Isn’t Healing?

Do you feel like you’ve tried everything that you possibly can to make your eczema go away?


Do you feel frustrated that you’ve tried everything including diet, medication, and maybe even herbs?

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Before I tell you what you will find in this e-book, I want to tell you a little bit more about my story.

This was my journal entry when I was incredibly hopeless.

I started this entry off with, “I’m so scared…”

I remember being in that place of hopelessness.

I was in so much pain, that I would come home feeling so lost and defeated that I would just cry for hours upon hours. I felt so confused and scared, because I wasn’t sure what to do anymore.

Those were some really dark days in my life. I was doing all that I could and things still weren’t improving.

I was incredibly frustrated.  And this type of issue can even give birth to others battles such as depression and/or anxiety.

But I want you to know from the bottom of my heart that you’re not alone in feeling this way. Today, I receive countless emails from many of my readers who also feel the same way.

"If you’re like most people, you may be feeling defeated, lost, discouraged, and doubtful on what to do next."

It’s easy to feel like there’s no hope – especially when you’re doing your best to do all that you can to fight your eczema. I’ve been exactly where you are at right now and know exactly how you feel.

That’s Why I Created This eBook For You

If you or someone you know has changed their diet and still hasn’t seen healing take place yet, there are numerous reasons why, and this book was created to give you solutions – and above all else, hope.

Diet is an important part in healing the skin, but healing the skin also involves so much more than just diet.

If you’re ready to discover the key to unlocking the door to the healing of your skin – then this book is for you. Many readers who email me are often scared of what they’re going through – since it can be scary and difficult to understand eczema. I remember feeling the exact same way.

For those who are struggling with it, I know how incredibly frighteningdiscouraging, and painful it can be.


In This Ebook You Will Discover: 

  • Why Diet Alone Is Not Helping.

    In my ebook, I offer advice and reasons on why diet alone is not helping. I also offer tips and advice on things you can do to help your eczema improve.

  • Tips To Improve Eczema

    I also offer tips and advice on things you can do to help your eczema improve.

  • How You Can Get Radiant, Glowing Skin

    You’ll get to learn solutions and remedies on how you can help your eczema improve, and also get clear, glowing skin.

You'll also learn..

  • Why your current strategy isn’t working and what you can do about it
  • Secret solutions you can implement to get radiant, glowing skin
  • Effective strategies to clear your skin from the inside out
  • Why your skin isn’t healing and the big mistakes you’re making
  • How you can successfully speed up your healing process
  • Effective solutions to heal your skin (to work with your diet plan)
  • Healing supplements you can take to heal your skin
  • Why diet isn’t enough to help heal your skin

Reader Testimonials

“Dear Abby, thank you for writing this e-book, I’m sure it will help many people understand what is causing their eczema and teach them how to work towards a better skin. The information in this e-book is something I will remember for the rest of my life. I’m so happy to know what I know now. I now have hope again that my skin will heal completely. Thanks! - Martine”

“Reading the book has giving me a sense of hope and encouragement to try a different approach other than western medicine." - Odalys

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How this ebook can help your eczema

After reading this ebook, I’m confident that it will help you find light at the end of the tunnel and feel a renewed sense of hope. You’ll feel support, you’ll know that you aren’t alone, and you will begin to believe that it will be possible to heal from this.

My hope is that after you’ve implemented the strategies in my book, you’ll start to feel better and be in less pain as your skin heals. My whole life is now dedicated to helping people get better from this – so it is my greatest prayer that you’ll benefit from this ebook.

I created this eBook to describe the exact details of what I did to go from eczema victim to eczema overcomer. And above all else, my goal is to give you a renewed sense of hope and encouragement.

Fortunately, the cost of this book is much less than the cost of working with me in a consultation session – and I know that compiling all of my knowledge and experience in a book will be able to deliver just as much value to you as my consultations.

Right now, you can access my Healing Eczema eBook
(for just $18.99)

My cure isn’t magic, and your condition may not resolve right away. But I believe that I will be able to teach you more about your skin and your body. You’ll learn about inflammation and how your body works.

And best of all, if it works for your body, then the healing will happen and it will last for the long term. I understand what it’s like to go through this. I know the pain. I know your desperation, and I want more than anything for you to be healed.


This book is a compilation of everything I learned through my experiences, research, and talking to many eczema sufferers. With the amount of time that it’s taken me to research and compile this book for you, it is my deepest hope that you’ll find something to help heal your skin.

If you’re ready to help your skin heal, click the button below to order your copy.

I have faith that you will find healing in your journey – don’t give up.

In good health,

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